Chinese COVID-19 Timeline

CHINA Coronavirus Data April 2020:

The Coronavirus outbreak first started in Wuhan and Hubei province during December of 2019. The graph below shows information about the spread of the virus over the duration of four months from Jan 2020 to Apr 2020. The bar graph represents the number of cases getting confirmed each day, and the line graph represents the death of patients in that duration.

The Spring Festival that took place in January increased the number of cases, and the Chinese government imposed a lockdown as a preventive measure. This lockdown, which was imposed January 23rd, put 50 million people in quarantine. With the combined cooperation of the government, healthcare workers, and the citizens, the curve gradually started to flatten after March 12th, 2020, with zero new cases until 16th of April.

There was a sudden spike in death rate from 16th April to 18th April(3,500 - 5,000).

After performing predictive analysis, scientists informed that a second wave of Corona may hit China by the end of April. Presently, since April 18th the curve has flattened out indicating zero cases being registered.

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